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Historic Boise School Cards

These cards feature historic photos of Boise's oldest schools. All cards come with envelopes, a blank interior and the brief history written on the back.

Lowell Elementary School, Boise

Longfellow Elementary

This school was designed by the prominent local architectural firm of Wayland and Fennel. It was constructed in 1905-1906.

Lowell Elementary School, Boise

Lowell Elementary

This school opened in September 1913. This image shows the school with a 1926 addition to the north end of the school; a larger addition was constructed in 1948 on the south end of the school.

Washington Elementary School, Boise

Washington Elementary

The original Washington Elementary School opened in 1900 and was destroyed by fire in 1917. This image shows the current Washington School as constructed in 1911, prior to the 1947 addition.

North Junior High School, Boise

North Junior High

This school was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project designed by Frank Hummell. When it opened in 1936, it was the city's first and only Junior High School.

Boise High School, Boise

Boise High

Boise High School was designed by the renowned Idaho firm of Tourtelotte and Hummel. This image is the architects' rendering of the school upon completion. The east wing was constructed in 1908-1909, the west wing in 1912 and in 1920, the central portion finished the building.


Available Packs

Each pack comes with 9 cards and envelopes. Each pack costs $10 (includes schipping & handling). The following combination of cards are available for purchase:

Pack A

9 cards of any one of the five schools.


Pack B

3 cards for one elementary school of your choice.
3 cards of North Junior High School
3 cards of Boise High School

Pack C

5 cards of North Junior High School
4 cards of Boise High School

Pack D

3 cards of Longfellow Elementary School
3 cards of Lowell Elementary School
3 cards of Washington Elementary School

Pay by Check

If you would prefer to pay by check, please send a check to Preservation Idaho, P.O. Box 1495, Boise, ID 83701-1495. Please indicate how many packs and of what variety you want to purchase.