For the unnecessary and shortsighted demolition of the historic 1920 Buhl High School Building in Buhl

Buhl High School Building

The Onion for this year goes to the Buhl School District for the demolition of the 1920 Buhl High School complex to make way for absolutely nothing. This brick and concrete structure was designed after a building at the University of California. This building could have been retained, but too often a lack of imagination or will leads to an unnecessary loss of Idaho’s history. In this instance, both Preservation Idaho and the Idaho State Historical Society met with members of the community in Buhl who wished to see the school retained. The Idaho Heritage Trust had funded a study that confirmed the building was structurally sound, but neither this local and statewide interest in the building’s preservation or the fact that the district rents office space a few blocks away could convince the district to keep the building in place.