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Idaho History Time Machine

Bringing History to Life for Idaho's School Children

Idaho History Time Machine The Time Machine is a comprehensive learning kit distributed to schools around the state by Preservation Idaho. Based on the Bown House heritage program, The Time Machine provides information pertaining to history, geography, agriculture, and social customs.

Each case or component contains an information binder with lesson plans for the project, explanation of how to develop an exhibits and other projects in your community, reference and resource information (Preservation Idaho, Idaho State Historical Society, Idaho Heritage Trust, National Trust, phone lists, websites, etc.), and an evaluation form. Each case also includes a copy of the Bown House CD-Rom and video for teachers to preview.

What is the purpose of the Idaho History Time Machine?

Friends of Idaho's heritage have come together to develop a unique program that will support the work of fourth-grade teachers in all over Idaho. The purpose of the Time Machine is to preserve the heritage of Idaho communities through a vital and innovative education program.

The Time Machine is intended to leverage the success of the Boise-based Bown House heritage education program by creating a set of tools that enable students to learn about the past in an engaging, hands-on fashion. Idaho students will be encouraged to discover the unique history in their own communities using the Bown House as their guide and to make a difference in their community. In addition, students will identify the many common bonds in the history of Idaho and build appreciation of the connections between our communities.

A strategic planning effort funded by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Idaho Humanities Council also identified the following operational objectives:

  • Utilize the Bown House as a model to build an exciting and hands-on statewide heritage education program.
  • Implement a thorough and effective operating structure that addresses logistics, support infrastructure, and a statewide mission.
  • Create a new attitude toward historic preservation through heritage education.
  • Build on common bonds of heritage within communities and between communities.
  • Help promote heritage-based economic development in order to encourage re-investment in the community.

Program Update

The Idaho History Time Machine is currently unavailable for classroom use. We are updating the curriculum and making repairs.