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Boise Architecture Project

The Boise Architecture Project started as a student project associated primarily with the Advanced Placement U.S. History courses at Boise and Timberline High Schools. Begun in the spring of 2006, the BAP was initally a final assignment for the AP course which later expanded into a student run documentation project featuring a website, volunteerism, and architectural and historical research. Boise has a wonderfully diverse collection of architecture and students found that studying local architecture and history complemented their studies.  Since the founder of BAP, Doug StanWiens, has stepped back from the program to pursue a wonderful teaching opportunity in Singapore, we have worked on adapting the program to bring it to a larger audience while still focusing on bringing awareness by students and adults to the wonderful buildings and sites that exist all across Idaho.

Troutner Designed Home, Boise


Holly Funk, Education Committee Chairman 


BAP Recognition

  • 2009 City of Boise Arts and History Cultural Initiatives Grant recipient
  • 2009 Idaho Humanities Council Grant recipient
  • 2008 Preservation Idaho Orchid Award
  • 2008 AASLH Award of Merit

BAP students at Cole School Rally in 2009

BAP’s mission has been for students to learn about local history, understand and appreciate different architectural styles and their connection to history, and contribute their research to the community of Boise. As an extension of this program, Preservation Idaho is working to expand the opportunity to submit buildings to the BAP users in Idaho and beyond.  Our goal is to eventually expand the statewide reach of the program as the Idaho Architecture Project. We are still interested in engaging with teachers and are looking for educators who are interested in making participation part of their curriculum.  The BAP is also a digital education project. Students learn important project skills such as architectural photography, oral interview techniques, and digital project management through participating in the BAP.  You can see a great set of videos on the BAP website created by students that highlight the history of Idaho.

The current BAP website has pictures, architectural descriptions, and building history for over 200 Boise buildings, ranging in age from over a century to new. Students detailed their selected building by taking a collection of photos, conducting interviews, and writing a research paper. They post photos and a short summary of each building’s history and architectural style on the BAP website. BAP also has a Facebook page. 

Please take a look at the BAP website and watch for its expansion as a statewide program where anyone with an interest in architecture, history and art, can submit a new building for consideration on the BAP website.  All submissions will be reviewed prior to inclusion to verify accuracy and appropriateness.  We hope you will join us for the next phase of this great project!