Preservation Idaho's Idaho Heritage Barn Register Website Goes Live!

The Idaho Heritage Barns register has been established with barns and agricultural outbuildings that are already listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Additional barns can be recorded on a streamlined data form similar to that used by the Washington State barns program. The modified form is available on the website and includes illustrations of architectural features and terminology for easy use in recording the structures, as well as who to contact for for technical assistance. www.idahoheritagebarns.com The Idaho Heritage Barns data collection will be held and maintained by Preservation Idaho for recognition, research, and archival purposes. For information about the database, please contact Preservation Idaho or your local heritage barns committee. The Idaho Heritage Barns Register website is now LIVE. Check out the site and download the form to register your barn or a favorite barn in your area. The forms and guidelines are on the website. Our goal is to include all old and new barns in Idaho. You can help by downloading and filling out the form for barns in your county.