Central Addition's Final Home Moves To A New Site


Through the collaboration of Preservation Idaho, developer Local Construct, Western States Movers, and owner Rita Sturiale, the ca. 1893 historic Victorian Wood House has been relocated to 1501 W. Jefferson Street, where it will begin a new future as an antique shop and specialty café.

It was originally located on South 5th Street in Boise’s Central Addition, formally one of Boise’s most prominent neighborhoods.  It was built between 1893 and 1899 for Mary F. Wood surrounded by apple orchards.  In 1905 Wood became the first librarian of the new Boise Carnegie Library.  According to one source, the janitor at the library was paid more than she for several years.  She had grownup at the Boise Barracks where her father was a surgeon.

The Wood House is one of four historic houses that were saved by Preservation Idaho in 2015 through relocation to grateful new preservation minded owners.  Also moved for residential use are the 1895 Jones and Fowler Houses and the reassembly of the Beck House, in Atlanta, Idaho.

It’s Queen Anne architectural style is characterized by its irregularity, with a variety of window treatments, multiple steep roofs, porches, and bay windows. Originally, set on roughly squared Boise Sandstone foundation, the one-and-one-half story wood clapboard (ship-lap?) house features a central gable roof and a smaller cross gable forming prominent bay windows. The central bay transom window sash contains small geometric multi-colored panes running around its edges. Cutaway corners highlight the front façade bay window. The gable features decorative cedar shingles shaped in round and octagonal shapes, while round style shingles accentuate the side bays.  The interiors decorative woodwork frames the doors and windows

Attached photos of the Wood House bay window detail and the move heading north on South 5th Street.  Credit: John Bertram, Preservation Idaho



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