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Preservation Idaho currently has three active committees: Membership & Development; Advocacy; and Programs & Events. We are always looking for volunteers to join these committees!

Membership & Development

The Membership & Development Committee works to increase and sustain the membership and donor base for Preservation Idaho on a statewide level and across multiple demographics. It is responsible for community outreach with participation in local events, development of newsletter and marketing materials, coordination of the Annual Meeting, and facilitation of a bi-annual membership drive. This committee meets monthly.

Membership & Development needs volunteers to:

  • Distribute marketing materials at events
  • Help produce our quarterly newsletter
  • Enter membership information into our database
  • Assist with donor development
  • Develop graphics & assist with advertising upcoming events
  • Help maintain our website
  • Maintain a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and/or Flickr)

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The Advocacy Committee is dedicated to the fulfillment of Preservation Idaho’s primary purpose as outlined in the mission statement of the organization. Its members will be responsible for the creation and implementation of statewide policy and programmatic goals relating to the preservation of historic sites including Modernism, schools, sustainability, etc. Furthermore, the committee will take the lead in responding to threats to historic sites as they arise. It will meet once a month to realize these objectives and report to the board of Preservation Idaho for guidance, approval, and leadership.

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Idaho Modern

Idaho Modern is one of Preservation Idaho’s newest advocacy committees. Its goals include planning tours, exhibitions and lectures, researching buildings, and serving as an advocate for Modern design. The group’s leadership, called the Mod Squad, meets monthly to plan educational events such as tours, exhibitions and lectures; research landmarks; organize field trips; and serve as advocates for Modern design.

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Programs & Events

Events and Programs Committee is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of events held by Preservation Idaho. The events include fundraisers and award ceremonies such as the annual Orchids & Onions Awards and Heritage Home tour. Other special activities may also be planned by the committee such as camp outs or the Bar & Brothel tour. Functions include gathering and organizing volunteers, contacting potential event sponsors for donations, arranging media coverage and advertising, as well as being present for event day coordination work. The committee will meet monthly, or more frequently as event organization needs demand. The committee chair will report to the board of Preservation Idaho monthly for approval and guidance.

Programs & Events needs volunteers to:

  • Man the ticket sales booth at Heritage Homes Tour
  • Man a home shift at Heritage Homes Tour
  • Coordinate volunteers for a home on the Heritage Homes Tour
  • Collect money at events
  • Set up & take down event day equipment
  • Obtain sponsorships for events
  • Man Preservation Idaho booth at community events
  • Bake food items for Legislative reception
  • Obtain venue for various events
  • Send thank you notes to volunteers
  • Write press releases
  • List Preservation Idaho events on various local community calendars

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